08-27-08 - 4

So Alissa's got all this music she bought from iTunes long ago with the evil DRM shit in it. I want to put it in the music share but I don't want the fucking devil program that is iTunes to get anywhere near my media PC. So I started looking around for un-DRM solutions.

There are a whole host of retarded solutions out there. "NoteBurner" uses a virtual CD device so that you can go into iTunes and burn to CD and writes the raw audio to the virtual device and then it encodes from that to MP3. "TuneBite" actually hooks the wave output of any app and can encode it; to convert audio it plays the DRM music through a decoder device and reads the output. Another popular one is "dbPowerAmp" which uses a similar method (I'm not sure which exactly). These might be useful if for some reason you couldn't access the actual music data bits, but of course they are totally retarded when you have the music file sitting right there and all you need to do is pull off the DRM tag.

The real solution is "Requiem", created by the HYMN project. It's no longer available from their main servers but it can be found around the net. It can crack all your files in like 1 second because it isn't actually playing and re-encoding them like all the "legal" dumb solutions. And it has a simple command line interface. Yay.

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