08-27-08 - 1

This apartment has really old bouncy wood floors that squeak when you walk around. The problem is, when I play music with any bass even at moderate volume it makes the whole floor vibrate like a giant drum head. Currently I've got some 3M Bumpons on my speakers which gives them a little bit of vibrational decoupling from the floor, but it's not great. I'm not sure how much of the floor shaking is coming from the direct contact with the speakers and how much is coming just from the sound waves, which is unfixable.

The only better idea I've got is to get a thick piece of acoustic damping foam (something like this ) and put it under the speakers.

BTW I fucking love the 3M Bumpons; they're awesome for lifting up your electronics a little to get better air flow between your components, and they do provide a nice little bit of vibrational decoupling which makes things like your external hard drives quieter.

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