08-26-08 - 5

I bought an Ultimate Power Shower Head for our bathroom here. It's okay if rather overpriced for how cheaply it's made. It's definitely better than the P.O.S. adjustable massaging thing that was on there. Those massaging shower heads are absolutely worthless for the purpose of showering, they have a million settings and every single one of them makes worthless weak or sparse stream patterns. The only thing they're actually good for is female masturbation. But I digress. The big improvement really came from taking the old head off and cleaning out the gunk that had gathered in the pipe, there was a huge mound of detritus piled up right behind the shower head, and of course the ancient shower head was 75% clogged by dirt and hard water deposits.

It made me think of a bunch of little shit you should always do when moving in to a new place -

Replace shower head, clean out pipe. Similarly if the sinks are running with bad flow this is often just gunk in the aerator; you can take off the nozzle and clean it out or replace it for $1.

Just replace screens on vents; of course replace any air filters if possible.

Replace the toilet seat. Ours was broken (like everything in this place), but hell it's only $10 for a toilet seat and god knows what diseases the previous resident had, don't bother cleaning it, just buy a new one.

I'm sure there are some other good little things to do that cost almost nothing and take little time and make a big difference. I've replaced most of the light bulbs too just because the previous ones had no concept of good lighting design; eg. a compact flourescent is great for the kitchen but not anywhere else, any bulbs with direct line-of-sight exposure need to be soft white, but bulbs behind shades generally should not be soft white, etc.

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