08-26-08 - 3

I'm trying to get over my love of IKEA and start buying better stuff; "better" being purely defined by how you snobby pricks judge me for having IKEA stuff. I still think most of their stuff is wonderfully fuctional; it's simple and practical and well designed for actual use. But you all associate it with poor college kids and scoff when you walk in my door, so I'm trying to change. (I'm mainly talking about bookcases and shelving stuff and desks and kitchen stuff here; obviously their couches and whatnot are junk).

Anyhoo, I have not lost my love of the Galant desk ; it's the most perfect desk I've ever seen. It has a very thin table top which lets you get your keyboard very close to your knees, and it's height adjustable which is absolutely mandatory in a work desk IMO. Years ago I went shopping for desks with no price limit, just trying to find the best thing I could, and all the supposedly fancy desks were all garbage, with no height adjustment and way too much wood between lap and hands.

I just bought a new one and took my old one in to work. Unfortunately, they have changed it a bit since I got my old one some 8 years ago. The old one had just one big piece of tubular steel down the middle for support. It was far enough in that your knees never got to it. The new one has a box frame of much thinner steel tubes, but one of them is quite close and my knees do reach it.

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