08-24-08 - 1

AC-DC adapters with the brick directly attached to the plug are the fucking devil.

It's kind of weird that I'm happy to shell out $1500 for a couch but I won't spent over $700 on a computer. Part of it is because I know computers so much better and it's so much easier to find out about products and comparison shop and all that. Furniture is one of the great scam markets. That and cars and gyms are some of the scummiest sales businesses around. Pretty much all furniture is listed at a 100% markup or more, and they all do their damndest to keep you from comparison shopping or getting real product information. For example, the majority of furniture and mattresses are actually made by only 3 or 4 major manufacturers. It's all the same product, but they stick different corporate names on it and give them different product names, and try to hide the true origins of the product so that you can't trace them back. (for example, Simmons and Serta mattresses are actually made by the same people, the same is true of sofas).

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