08-22-08 - 1

My TV signal quality sucks here; I always split my cable twice, once off to the internet, then again to split to the TiVo and TV. I cannot fucking stand watching live TV through the TiVo, the latency of channel switching is infuriating (for similar reason I will never buy a "fancy" digital TV that takes like 3 seconds to change channels; WTF back in the 50's they had the technology to flip through channels instantly!!). Anyway the result of all this splitting is a lot of noise. Each splitter introduces 3.5 dB apparently; I'm not sure why it's necessary for the splitters to introduce so much noise. You can get good quality RF splitters, but they cost like $500. I can't really figure out a solution, I guess I just live with shitty TV.

Addendum : I'm smoking crack. The problem apparently is noise right at the receiver device (the TV or whatever). I'm not sure exactly where the noise is coming from but it seems to be a constant power noise source. The problem is that splitting cuts the signal power in half, so that makes this external noise 2x higher in a relative sense. The 3.5 dB on these splitters comes from the fact that 3 dB is about a factor of 2x. (10 dB = 10x in log scale, so 2x = 10*log10(2) = 3.0103). Anyway you can solve this by just amplifying your signal before you split. You can get a 10 dB amplifier for like $30 so I'm trying that.

Final result : I bought a signal amp and it fixed the bad signal quality. Yay.

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