08-21-08 - 2

God damn fucking fuck. Have I mentioned our landlord is the devil? He's supposed to come do the grout Tuesday. He just doesn't show, no call. I call him Wes to tell him I'm just gonna do his work and empty out the garage (in which the previous tenant left a fucking car engine), he says he'll come do the grout Thursday. Thursday he shows up and clears our stuff out of the kitchen and then discovers he's out of grout. He says he'll be back Friday some time. WTF WTF.

I hate fucking bills that require you to put a stamp on to pay them. I mean I guess these days you have your online pay and credit cards and whatnot so it makes some sense to not include postage, but back in the day it was fucking retarded. Just put a fucking postage paid on it and stick the cost in the bill for me. It's fucking better for both of us, it saves me the trouble of dealing with a stamp, it's cheaper because you get the bulk rate, and it makes it more likely you get your bill back promptly.

Fucking Picasa is not a normal web page, so I can't middle-click photos in the gallery to open them in tabs, and the fucking gallery takes an hour to load when I hit the back button. Also fucking Yelp does some retarded as thing where it stalls out really slowly when you *close* a page. Urg. Actually Yelp does a lot of retarded ass shit, like when you click on the "show me stuff near this address" and it first spends a bunch of time loading a page not related to that address, and then after it's done loading it posts your request and then spends a bunch of time loading that. Urg Web 2.0 can bite me.

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