08-21-08 - 1

So I'm in a war with our upstairs neighbor already. Yesterday some courier came to the house and banged on the door; I was like, yo, WTF? and he was like "hey I have this letter for someone can I drop it off?" so I let him in. As soon as I let him in, it occurred to me that this smelled a lot like a summons, having previously encoutered that when a violent wierdo acquaintance was trying to dodge being served divorce papers by his wife and he asked me to not answer the door if someone with papers was standing outside. Anyway, that was yesterday, and last night the guy in E comes home and stomps around an awful lot. Then at 2 in the morning he wakes up and bangs and stomps all over. I was just about to go up and talk to him when he quit it. This morning when I went out in the hall I found the summons papers balled up in front of my door. Ah, the upstairs neighbor has left a turd of wrath on my doormat.

On the plus side it let me read his summons. Apparently he defaulted on some loan and some property of his is being foreclosed. The summons is for somewhere in New York, and amusingly, he apparently has had some 25 aliases. Apparently this guy is one of those scammers who goes around taking different identities, pretends to be rich, gets loans purportedly to start a business or whatever, then runs away around the country.

This would all be just rather amusing except for the fact that he lives above us, which means he has the great strategic advantage of higher ground in this war. I guess I'm going to go apologize tonight so that he'll quit this stomping.

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