08-18-08 - 3

Homeless are like pigeons; yes, they're an annoying dirty infestation, but you can't really blame them - it's the people who feed them that are to blame. It's really the exact same kind of problem; you rarely see it, but there are retarded weirdos who come out and dump masses of bird seed to the pigeons, and they just multiply to fill the available niche; there must be a parallel for the homeless; we need a "Please don't feed the homeless" ad campaign.

(BTW I'm talking about your Haight Street/Capitol Hill type of homeless here; it's a very different flavor of homeless than say your Tenderloin homeless. The Haight/Cap homeless are mostly kids and drunks who have opted out of jobs because they got off track, but could get back on; if you stopped giving to them, they wouldn't die (mostly), they could get it together. The Loin homeless are another story, they would wind up eating each other or quietly wasting away)

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