08-18-08 - 1

I know I'm going to ripped a new one for this, but I think SF has better coffee than Seattle. I know, I know, that's hitting you right in the mommy-daddy buttons. Let me clarify; I think Seattle probably has better roasters (meh?), and Seattle definitely has far better trained baristas, and much higher average skill at making espresso drinks like caps and lattes and whatnot. But I believe the true expression of coffee flavor is in drip coffee, and Seattle just hasn't even woken up to that fact yet. I don't mean the normal shit drip coffee that you still get in Seattle, I mean single-cup hand dripped coffee like I've been doing at home for years, and you can get at Philz or Ritual or Blue Bottle or John Campbell's in SF. (also BTW IMO the Clover machine is not the best drip coffee; it's interesting, but the coffee it makes is too light and fruity; I prefer the strong Philz-style filter-dripped "turkish style" coffee).

BTW despite all the Seattle ripping, I'm really mostly liking it up here. Our neighborhood is pretty super convenient for nice walking. We have two cool parks for hanging, lots of coffee shop, groceries, decent eating, clubs, and the quiet residential streets are a nice change from the constant noise and dirt of SF.

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