08-15-08 - 2

Seattle still has a real working class ethos. Not that long ago, this was a very blue collar city. Before Microsoft totally transformed the east side, and the realnetworks and starbucks and safeco and all that, even in the 70's, maybe the 80's (?), it was a shipping and logging town. It was a place where people wore flannel and knit caps without irony or affectation. A lot of the architecture still invokes that era; there's a lot of low-slung brick buildings that feel really east-coasty to me. I like all that.

Of course that's going down the tubes just as fast as developers can put up condos.

Often when writing posts like this, I don't realy know WTF I'm talking about, but it's way more interesting if I just fill in all the details with what I think is probably true. My guesses are right like 90% of the time anyway, so whatever.

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