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It's sort of a curse for people to have too much success with their natural abilities. They never learn to hustle and make the most of situations. This applies to smart kids in school who figure out that they can skate by with A's and B's without studying at all, and they never really learn how to work hard and study. It applies to people getting jobs, if you fall into pretty good jobs out of school and make decent money you never really learn how to look for job, and how to get a better job, and how to maximize your earn. Of course it also applies to dating - people who are pretty good looking have some early success finding dates and never really learn the skills of how to meet the people they want to meet and hook it up.

All of these can be measured by your "Game". I define Game as your acheived level of success in a given field, divided by the level that you should achieve naturally with your inherent qualities. The total level of success in a given field is zero-sum over the population and each person has a certain natural level they should be operating at. If one person with good game does better, it means others do worse.

For example, your Salary Pulling Game is just your salary divided by what you really should be making for your talent level; good hustlers might have a game factor as high as 2.0 ; people with no game who just rely on their natural abilities and hope they get paid fairly might be running as low as 0.5

Just because you have some success at something doesn't mean you are doing well; the right way to measure success is your game factor, whether or not you are beating expectations.

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