08-14-08 - 7

Our place in Seattle is pretty close to the new Capitol Hill Station ; apparently construction starts in early 2009 but god knows with Sound Transit. We're far enough from it that I don't think we'll get noise or trucks going past, but it will certainly affect our neighborhood. For one thing a whole block of shops is taken out, and that whole area will be undesirable for walking; it will cut a massive hole right out of the middle of our perambulation/procurement zone. Construction will also be right next to the cool park which is sad; already the really cool Vivace coffee location that looked out on the park closed.

I'm particularly scared because I imagine they'll take 500 years to finish the damn thing. Also, after they tear down the street-level buildings and put in the underground terminal the plan is to put in some 5+1 mixed development buildings above it, which I'm sure will house horrible people and horrible shops.

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