08-14-08 - 4

I got to my new place in Seattle today after much insanity (as always in a move). The I5 in Oregon was closed due to a fire. Apparently a truck carrying a load of hay caught on fire and caused great chaos. It was backed up for at least 8 miles and closed for about 12 hours. For those that don't know, the I5 in central Oregon is just about the *only* way to go north-south. When I got into the back end of the jam and heard about it on traffic radio, I decided to bail out and just get a hotel to wait it out. I took the Prelude across the grass median, and she barely made it.

And the moving truck broke down, and the apartment here was locked when it was supposed to be open, and my landlord is on vacation and it's hard to get a hold of him, blah blah yadda yadda.

Anyway, I'm fucking pissed and depressed. Our apartment here is absolutely filthy. The previous tenants just bailed out and left a ton of their crud behind and didn't clean it at all. It especially pisses me off because Alissa and I did such a damn good job of cleaning the place I just left. It's way cleaner than when I moved in, hell it might be the cleanest apartment I've ever seen; we scrubbed everything, from roof to floor, I rented a steam cleaner and did the carpets, it's immaculate; you could lick any surface in the apartment and be happy about it. And I get here to this filth. The landlord promises to get it cleaned, but it's too fucking late, I'm already here, and the movers come tomorrow, the great chance to really clean it when it's empty has passed. And I've been paying rent since Aug 1 so he had plenty of extra time to take care of it and didn't.

Everyone fucking sucks. If you want anything done you have to do it yourself. Fuck.

If you can't take car of your shit, okay, that's fine, you know I kind of expect you to fuck up and not take care of your shit. But please tell me about it soon enough for me to do it myself. Don't just wait until it's too late and let me discover that you couldn't handle your shit.

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