08-14-08 - 2

Yeah, okay. I try to be tolerant, but nah. Dogs are evil and should not exist. Last night at the fucking Holiday Inn some old bitch had her dog in the lobby barking away. The halls smelled of dog. The hotel Liss and I stayed at in Oregon smelled of wet dog to high heaven. In San Fran you are constantly dodging dog shit, and in my beloved Dolores you are usually lying in small particles of it, and smelling big pieces of it. Of course you only notice the dog shit when the dogs playing there aren't stomping on your blanket or running past you barking. Tonight I discover there's some barky dog near our new apartment. Fuck you barky dog, you should not exist, and perhaps if I succumb to my evil side you won't much longer. Sure out in the country where dogs are meant to be, go nuts, have dogs all you want, but in the city they are a massive annoyance to everyone else. Getting a dog in the city is just extremely selfish and inconsiderate; it's a violation of the golden rule or the social contract or some such thing. Dogs are like guns - in theory they might be alright if you could gaurantee the owners were 100% perfect people who were safe and considerate and mindful of the obligations of ownership, but you cannot gaurantee that, so they should just be illegal.

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