08-13-08 - 1

Platitudinous advice : do something with long term benefit every day. Metaphorically put some of your daily energy into a long term growth fund that will keep paying you back forever. Don't just take care of short term "todo" items, try to do things of lasting value that improve yourself or build towards something in your life. If you just keep taking care of things, you never make any progress; it's like you're bailing out a boat that keeps filling up with water. If you build something, even a tiny bit each day, it keeps adding up and adding up and it leads to real life changes.

This is obvious of course, but make it a philosophy. Apply it to everything. Don't just read something that amusing you, read something that educates you, or pushes your taste limits. Don't go to the same restaurant again - go somewhere new and add to your knowledge and experience. Want to lose weight? don't just diet, add muscle.

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