08-04-08 - 3

During this time of unemployment it's been a whole new world of Chill Charles, but I can already feel the Manic Me creeping back in. Just with the moving shit I need to get together, I start getting crazy. When I have a todo list of shit that needs to get done, I just want to knock it out, and anything that slows me down pisses me off, and I become 100% focused on the tasks, such that I literally don't even hear people that are talking to me. I find myself going "uh huh, yeah" and then fifteen seconds later I go "wait, what did you say?".

One thing I've realized from unemployment is that a lot of what makes bohemian kids cool is just their complete lack of anything to do. They're very chill because they have no todo list. They're up for getting drunk or high or partying whenever because they don't have to do anything tomorrow. They have lots of free time and energy and they're bored, which lets them do art projects and make crazy outfits. They wander around the city and go to bars a lot which make them familiar with everything and friendly with proprietors which make them seem in the loop. Basically all the attributes I thought of as admirable stem from just being idle. (of course there is something admirable about them - they're having fun with their idleness, not just being pure layabouts like the traditional white trash drunkard).

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