08-04-08 - 2

Holy crap Ticketmaster is the fucking devil. I mean they always have been, but it seems worse than ever. I just bought 2 tickets, $22 each, total charge : $73. That's almost a 100% service charge. I would love to boycott them, but I have no choice, if I want to see these shows I have to use them. They do the standard fucking devil cock-muncher thing of splitting up the charges into meaningless distinctions too so it doesn't look so bad to morons (phone companies love this one).

ADULT Tickets					US $22.00 x 2
Total Convenience Charge(s) 	US $9.05 x 2
Total Building Facility Charge(s) 	US $2.00 x 2
Order Processing Charge 	US $3.36
TicketFast� 	US $2.63

VISA Total billed :
US $73.01

There have been 16 class action suits against Ticketmaster, but none have produced anything that I can tell. I'm not sure why they aren't subject to antitrust or anticompetetive laws.

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