08-01-08 - 5

I like ranting about how fucked up things are as much as the next person, but it gets tiresome. The rants are a brief expulsion of frustration, not a constant state of mind. Yes, yes, the world is lame, now fucking get over it and get out there and make the best of it. Boys only like you because you're pretty? Okay, yes, that's lame, rant, now fucking make yourself pretty and get out there. Every shopkeep's always trying to rip you off? Yes, that's depressing, now fucking try to rip them off.

For example, there are certain coders that will go off on the evils of C++ and Windows at the drop of a hat. Yes, yes, yes, they are fucked up, so what, we've all heard this a million times before, it's not helping anything, let's just use what we've got and make the most of it. A certain amount of frustrated ranting is fine but then you get down to it, you don't check out and refuse to play.

Of course many smart nerdy guys do exactly that with the social world. They say : god damn, girls are so dumb, they don't see how great I really am, they just judge people by the way they're dressed and how smooth their pickup line is, I see the girls being all gaga over these guys that I know are the scum of the earth; this game is retarded, I refuse to play.

My new philosophy for trying to be positive about the world is the "1% rule". 99% of everything is shit. That is not a complaint, and it shouldn't get you down or surprise you. When you go out and meet people, sure you're most likely to be running into the 99% that's shit. Keep trying. It just means you should really cherish the 1% that's great. The same goes for movies, restaurants, etc. Another generic mediocre experience? No surprise, no biggy, it's just part of the 99%. Something actually good? Wow, yay, I love it, what a treat!

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