07-31-08 - 1

Well I stole tabview from Casey and changed it so it does incremental treeview building. The problem is the Windows controls are so incredibly slow, if you try to populate the whole treeview up front it takes several minutes for big files. So my new version populates the treeview just in time. It starts with just the root, then any time you expand a node I get the message before it expands and I add the nodes. You can download the zip of tabview .

Also in ChukSH now is "tabdir" which does a recursive dir in a format that's nice for use with tabview. It's pretty decent way to check out what's going on with your drive. I haven't done the bit to count actual clusters used yet.

Oh, evil warning if you try to build any of this code : "tabview" builds on its own, that's easy. Newer chsh stuff depends on "cblib" my new library, older chsh stuff depends on "crblib", my deprecated library. You can pretty much tell the difference because ".cpp" = new and ".c" = old.

I sort of vaguely tried to make tabdir 64-bit correct but then got lazy and annoyed and started using "int" again. That's going to be a pain in the ass if that ever actually happens. Like if we ever have individual files bigger than 2 GB a lot of programs are going to crap out and eat their own ass. It'll be like the clusterfuck I just went through with unicode.

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