07-30-08 - 1

I'm trying to do some reading to get myself caught up with the present in games. There are lots of game devs now with good publications online :

Valve Publications
Bungie Publications
Insomniac Publications
Naughty Dog Publication

Apparently people are pretty high on Lock-free / wait-ree synchronization for the theoretical future of many many cores; as usual the Wikipedia page is a good start with some nice links; I also found this nice page : High Performance Synchronization by Michael Scott which has lots of downloadable code for crazy widgets.

Somewhat off topic, but for the threaded future you want nice threading allocators like the pretty awesome TCMalloc in Google Perf Tools .

It would be cool if there was a game programming mailing list still alive. I scanned a bit of GDAlgorithms, it seems to be semi-alive still, but I don't see many real working game devs in there.

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