07-28-08 - 1

I guess I'm not going to Burning Man this year, and I'm kind of sad about that. In theory there could be better things than Burning Man, like a party on a beach somewhere tropical, with lots of chill gorgeous people all half-naked and dancing to some of the world's best DJs with amazing light and fire shows and lots of drugs. But that just doesn't seem to exist, or if it does I'm not invited. Anyway, I hope to go next year; I don't have too many more years left before I get old.

Some ideas I had :

It would be cool to build a Penny Farthing (aka an old timey bicycle), and ride around with a top hat and a giant handlebar mustache. BTW while searching for penny farthing sites I found this insane guy riding around the world on a penny farthing .

Get a real bear skin and wear it as a cloak. Ideally get one with the bear head still attached so you can wear the head on your head. Strap the arms to your arms, then you can get down on all fours and walk around like a bear too. Some hippie might give you shit about fur, but you can always lie and say you're an amazing artist and you made it from synthetics.

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