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I saw this Giorgio Moroder Promo Video on Disco Workout and it gave me much happiness. I love the classic promo voiceover guy who mostly does like industrial manufacturing promos, I love that Moroder's wearing business clothes like he's at work at Texas Instruments or something, and that he does the cheesy singing himself.

It's widely said that the classic Donna summer hit I Feel Love (music by Moroder) is one of the most influential tracks on modern dance music. That may be so, but there's a more direct correspondence between Moroder's solo work and the new indie-disco music; the Donna Summer score is just part of the history of people like Eno or Timbaland doing cool techno backup for pop songs, whereas the Moroder solo stuff is a direct correspondence with the modern dorky white guy who can't sing fronting a solo disco dance group.

It reminded me of this video I found a while ago that's also great : Herbie Hancock in the studio with Quincy Jones ; the old electronics are fascinating. (Okay, I wasn't going to do it, but I have to link the RockIt video cuz it's like the most awesome video ever made)

I feel obliged to link in this too : Jean Michel Jarre guides you through his instruments ; this is a bit after the fact when the stuff is already retro.

I'm like no expert in musical history or music or anything so I'm way out of my element. Obviously the old stuff is all very similar because hey they only had Moogs and a few types of synths and sequencers, everyone was on the same gear trying to figure out what they could do with it, and the easiest thing is making pretty spare repetitive sounds.

So I'm not an expert at gathering these examples, but I thought it would be fun to play a new vs. old listening game :

Glass Candy - "Life After Sundown"
Trilogy - Not Love
Cut Copy - Saturdays
Dance Department - Paradise
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
Moroder - From Here to Eternity
Moroder - E=Mc2
Chromatics - Lady
Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams vs Glass Candy - Beatific
New Young Pony Club vs Pat Benatar

I could get really distracted and link in the whole other veins of old vs. new electronic music and waste a lot of time and not contribute anything because I suck at this. For example you could get into the whole Kraut evolution, I started to link these : Krafterk - The Robots , Depeche Mode - Shake the Disease , but that's really a bit off topic.

Sort of unrelated, but it's awesome how the Chromeo - Bonafide lovin' video plays off the classic Dire Straits - Money for nothing video ; I like to think he's also winking at the fact that Dire Straits was so clever about making songs that were sort of sarcastic and perhaps making fun of their audience, and Chromeo is doing the same thing; you're not quite sure how serious he is or whether he's mocking.

Also semi-unrelated, I realized the other day that Junior Boys - In the Morning is the musical soul mate to Zombies - Time of the Season ; the basic background sound with the breathing is the same, just a bit slowed down, and they both have the same kind of syrupy boy singing that's sexy and a little bit creepy. Okay, maybe more than a little bit creepy. You're too young, who's your daddy?

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