07-25-08 - 2

Pitchfork is the official place to go to get your hand stamped with indie music credibility, but the better mega music site is Coke Machine Glow ; (an unfortunate name because people call it CMG, which means a million other things and you can't google it).

CMG is also full of amusing sarcasm and biley wit. I was just reading their list of Top 15 Steve Albini Records ; part of the Listravaganza ; in it I discovered that Albini is the engineer behind my beloved Songs Ohia and also Will Oldham ; WTF , the Breeders, Nirvana, Pixies, stuff I was expecting, but the modern indie-blues-country stars was a big surprise. (As another example of how awesome CMG is, one of the lists is "Top 5 Sub-Par Beach Boys Tracks That Are Still Better Than Any Song by Wolf Parade").

I think CMG's taste is far better than Pitchfork's, but it's even more obfuscated; that's partly intentional, CMG is intended for people who get all the referential jokes, but it's rather forced most of the time and becomes tedious.

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