07-25-08 - 1

We stopped in Urban Outfitters today in my ongoing futile quest to find some decent Asics Onitsuka Tigers in my size. Yes, yes, I know Zappos & whatnot, well those fucking sites don't carry most of the Tigers styles and the good ones they have, they don't have in my size. Fuckers. WTF this is the fucking internet age why can't I see every style of fucking shoe and every size and get them from the fucking distributor. Retarded.

Anyhoo, Urban Outfitters is a really good barometer for what was super cool like 2 years ago, and what is no longer cool. Something I noticed in particular this time were all the hats. Lots of fedoras and shit like that. Funky old school hats (on men) have been big in the hipster crowd for the past 10 years or so. Urban Outfitters is now pushing them, so your dentist who is 50 and white and dorky but likes to think he is "with it" will soon be wearing them, thus they are no longer cool. An occasional check in with UO is pretty valuable, it lets you know what to give away in your next Buffalo Exchange swap.

ps. yes, I know Tigers are very 2002, but they fit my feet well and I really hate shopping for shoes, when I find a style that fits I want to keep buying the exact same shoe for the rest of my life.

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