07-22-08 - 5

"Made in Spain" is pretty shitty as a cooking show, you're not really going to learn much about how to cook or any useful recipes. As a food-tourism advertainment show for Spain, it's really great. I had no idea that Spain had so many distinctive regions with their own specialized products and cuisines. It really makes me sad about America. God we're retarded. The US has tons of microclimates and distinctive cuisines, but we've rejected them, and every part of America tries to cook everything. It's much much better for each region to focus on a specialty, to work with their local produce and craft specialized dishes that maximize their local ingredients. Also the poor average cook is more likely to make something great if they just focus on a few dishes and really perfecting those. Instead every part of the US makes shitty versions of Thai and French and standard American crap that has nothing to do with the local skills.

Just seeing the caves in Asturias where they age the Cabrales cheese - natural caves in the mountains, with the perfect humidity and temperature, over time the Penicillin has taken up residence and they put the cheese in there and it naturally does its magic - that's where I want to live, I want to be around that.

We think of Spain as being part of Europe and the 1st world, but really it's quite unique. It certainly isn't 3rd world, but it hasn't been democratic for very long at all; it's still very poor and rural. The evils of the rich civilized western world still haven't really fucked up Spain even today (though the popular tourist spots where the UK chavs weekend are fucked).

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