07-22-08 - 4

Back home in SF after being in Seattle makes me realize how much I love this place. I always knew I loved it, but my god, this place is really fucking great. Hottie hipsters on their bicycles riding everywhere. I left my car at the repair shop and walked to get a haircut at a Mexican haircut place; my haircutter spoke good english and helped me practice my Spanish; es importante de practicar para no olvides; si! I walked to the produce shop and got some amazing mangos for 0.99, pineapple for 1.59, oranges for 0.59/lb , walked by the beer shop with great selection, lots of people on the street, everyone looks happy. So they're not really friendly, but they're also not rude like New Yorkers. Tons of great dance nights this week, lots of burning man crews trying to raise money. What a fucking great city this is.

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