07-21-08 - 2

In Mendocino I was wondering about why there were such nice old houses way out there in the middle of nowhere. It's not a good place to farm, it's too isolated to be a useful port or for any trading traffic. Of course the answer is logging.

I found a cool site about Logging on the Big River, Mendocino . There are lots of great old photographs on that site, visit and click them.

Mendocino was incredibly prosperous from 1860-1900 as the lumber barons cut down masses of redwoods and made a fortune and built the fancy houses there. We read yesterday that the entire coast from Big Sur up to southern Oregon was entirely covered with redwoods back in 1800. Today less than 4% of that land has redwoods on it (and hardly any of that is original growth). There are a few little redwood parks around Mendocino today, but for the most part it's barren bluffs with a few Monterey Cyprus type things, wind swept and imposing.

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