07-21-08 - 1

I've been puzzling out in my head how I'm going to manage this whole working thing again. It's a little tricky. To commute to work across the 520 I absolutely must avoid rush hours. So that means either shifting later or shifting earlier. Now the vast majority of game developers shift later, but that really blows. That means working from 10 to 7 or so. When I do that it means I just putter around in the morning until going to work, and then when you get off work in the winter it's already dark and you just eat dinner and go to bed. That life is misery.

So I was thinking about trying to shift earlier. That means working like 6 to 3. You get off and still have the late afternoon with light to go play in the park, have dinner, watch a movie, then go to bed. That sounds pretty sweet. I'd love to be able to do that, but there are a few problems. One is all other game devs are probably shifting late, so you're out of sync and not around when they are. The other problem is that waking up at 5 AM is totally cool right up until you have a late night out partying, and then it screws you all up.

I'm not quite sure what to do. I remember when I was managing I didn't like the early guys. They weren't around in the evening when the shit hit the fan (and the shit always hits the fan in the evening as most people screw around all day and then try to cram near the end), and I'm pretty sure the early guys worked less because they were working real 8 hour 7-3 days unlike the rest of us whose 9-5 usually turned into 9-7 or 9-9.

I'm also concerned about trying to leave reliably before rush hour. It seems like any number of things could delay leaving - a meeting, just being in the groove working and not wanting to stop, helping a client with a problem. If you miss that pre-rush-hour departure time then you have to wait 3 hours or so until your next allowed departure time, which blows.

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