07-20-08 - 2

The retarded way that fancy places make breakfast reveals what fucking awful chefs they really are. Good pancakes should be simple and taste like pancakes; the quality is in perfecting the little details of the recipe, how you mix, exactly how you cook them (fluffy, cooked in the middle but moist, brown on the outside but not greasy), and of course serving them hot. You do not make good pancakes by serving "Multi-grain pancakes with organic oats, corneal, whole wheat flour and seasonal fruit, served with orange pecan butter and papaya syrup". Well done plain pancakes are amazing and very hard to find; good food is about executing a dish and making it sing with its true essence, not jamming in a bunch of shit that doesn't belong that just muddies the main notes.

Side note : Alissa makes great pancakes; I've always sucked at them, so hopefully I will learn a thing or two. One of the biggest tricks aside from the batter recipe that I've learned is the super minimal amount of grease (butter) and the moderate heat; you heat the pan well, but not super hot, and you butter the pan, but then wipe it out with a paper towel; you aren't trying to make greasy fried cakes, but brown fluffy cakes. The other big thing is to use a heavy pan; cast iron would be best, non-stick is very bad no-no. When the pancake hits the pan it sucks out a lot of heat, a thin pan will go cold and not cook right.

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