07-19-08 - 1

We drove down the Oregon coast today. Just the drive out to the coast is quite scenic; we took the 20 (probably a poor choice, very slow), and you quickly get into these shady country lanes, cut through deep valleys, with dense vegetation all around, and occasional breaks for pasture land. Often the trees are so dense and close they form a complete tunnel of canopy over the road.

The coast drive down 101 is very slow; it's one lane so you get stuck behind RV's and such and are constantly passing. God I fucking hate people who resist being passed. They've been driving slow the whole time, finally we get to a passing lane and they slam on the accelerator. Cockmuncher! It's so retarded; just let me pass and then I'll speed off and we never have to see each other again, it's better for both of us, instead you just prolong this annoyance.

Lots of the Oregon coast is very boring. There are a few isolated spots that are quite gorgeous. The good parts are a lot like Big Sur, big rocks, pounding waves, fog and cold wind, pine trees, steep cliffs. The good parts are : Cape Perpetua, Devil's Elbow (and the Heceta Head lighthouse), and Humbug Mountain (and south of there). We got out a few times and did some short hikes around.

Just south of Humbug Mountain there is a pullout onto a patch of gravel. There are no signs. On the north side of the pullout is a trail which leads north to a 4x4 road. The 4x4 road leads out to a cluster of huge rocks in the ocean. It's the windiest place I've ever been in my life.

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