07-15-08 - 2

I officially give up on finding a gas stove, they just don't exist here. WTF. cbloom is sad. :( Apparently it's another one of those subtle ways that SF is enlightened and the rest of the damn country is still in the dark ages. You just take things for granted when you're surrounded by smart liberal people all the time. Like the fact that smoking is disgusting and nobody around you is doing it.

Also, I forgot my check book. Fuck. Some of the landlords here have some very cruel rules here. They take a $500 deposit with the application to prevent you from applying multiple places. If your application is rejected, or if you take the place, you get the money back, but if you're approved and choose not to move in, they keep the deposit. Pretty whack. In SF landlords just take a bunch of applications, if one person pulls out it goes to the next person, they don't lose any rented time. I suspect it's because Seattle has shit for renter's rights protection and no decent renter's union.

So many of the landlord sites use Yahoo maps or Mapquest. WTF Yo, Google maps is da best !

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