07-13-08 - 3

Well, I'm feeling a bit more positive. My rag on Seattle stands - there really is no happening neighborhood. Fremont is way smaller and quieter than Noe Valley, the quietest of all neighborhoods in SF. Somehow SF manages to have neighborhoods that feel homey and vibrant and local, but are full of life and things to do and people.

Anyway, there are good things about Seattle. Trees are good. Greenery is good. Great hiking nearby which we may sample this week. Nice residential neighborhoods with actual houses and lawns very close to downtown, that's pretty cool. I love the cozy tree-lined streets back in the residential part of Cap Hill.

But the really great thing is the chill attitude up here. Everything is a little slower, people are less pretentious. The restaurants aren't all about image. Everything is a bit cheaper, more honest, more authentic. You can get in to a great restaurant without a reservation (weeks in advance in some places in SF).

It's actually nice in a way that it's smaller. San Francisco has a feeling of being unknowable; you may get familiar with your hood (after several years) but the next hood over is a whole new pile of mystery. Seattle you can actually get to know all the nooks and crannies over a few years, and that's not so bad. It makes things more comfortable and familiar.

People are very defensive about where they live, it's hard to have a rational conversation about it.

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