07-13-08 - 2

The apartments I'm looking at are like $1500. You can rent a whole house in an amazing neighborhood here for less than $2500. Something is way off with that. There must be a lot of rental pressure from stupid kids like me. I guess CA is broken in the opposite way, mortgages in CA are like 3X to 4X rent, which is pretty whack, they should be 1-2X rent.

90% of the apartments here seem to have electric stoves. Electric stoves are fucking garbage, you simply cannot cook properly on them. There was a brief retarded period from '50-'70 when people thought they were this cool newfangled technology that was better than silly old gas. Thank god that's past us. I think now they might put electric stoves in apartments because gas stoves are more of a fire hazard. Lame.

Fucking electric! Everything is electric! Fuck! Maybe I can just get a tank of propane and put my own range on top of the fucking useless electric range. The fucking fume hoods in apartments are worthless too, maybe I should just get a good gas grill and cook everything on the balcony like a Vietnamese street merchant.

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