07-12-08 - 2

Bleck, Seattle kind of sucks. I'm spoiled by the pure utopia that is the Mission District. The Mission is full of gorgeous young people being funky and friendly. It's full of locals walking around all the time. Seattle has no neighborhood like that; the residential neighborhoods seem eirily empty, and the busy neighorhoods are jammed with horrible tourists. The Mission is an ideal 23-30 demographic of hipsters and artists and aspirers. It's packed with restaurants and bars and clubs, good grocery options, you can walk everywhere, plus a cool mix of working poor and all the shops catering to them, which provides nice cheap options and balances the fetid stench of gentrification. Then you've got perfect public transit in both the J and Bart lines which take you in to the city. The weather in the Mission is pretty perfect year round, sunny and warm.

However, your connection to a neighborhood is drastically different when you're unemployed. When you're basically gone all day every day, it doesn't really matter that much what's going on in your hood. Your priorities are totally different; you're busy, it becomes more about convenience, you want to be able to do your shopping or go someplace to eat without headaches. You spend your time mostly at work or inside your home, only a tiny fraction in the hood. I realized that most of the shops in the Mission that I love close at 6 PM ; if I was working I would never ever be able to go to them, so it wouldn't matter that they existed.

I'm really sad to be leaving the idle life in the Mission, but it was unsustainable, and I'm getting too old for the demo there anyway. Sure I could move back there some day, but it would never be the same, I would be old and disconnected from the cute hipsters biking around in their ridiculous outfits.

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