07-09-08 - 3

Alissa and I are going to drive up to Seattle real soon, like probably tomorrow. The main point is for Alissa to see the town. I'd like to check out some neighborhoods; I guess Capitol Hill is my leading candidate due to ease of access to the 520 and some urban walking life, but I never really liked Cap Hill when I lived in Seattle before because it does have that shitty feel like the Haight; the "shitty feel" is a mix of broke poser hippie kids and "neighborhood tourists", that is yuppies from other neighborhoods who come in for restaurants/shopping. A good neighborhood has a bunch of young professional types and artists, not too yuppified, with restaurants & bars that cater to locals. I've always been fond of Ballard but it's a bitch to get to the east side from there. Another option might be the Wallingford-Fremont area, and I hear South Lake Union is much improved since 2000 when I moved away. I also hear Lower Queen Anne is pretty cool now, and it's not a ridiculous nightmare to get to the 520 from there, except when something is happening in the Key Arena; though I guess the Sonics are gone so maybe that's not a problem any more.

On the way back down here I'd like to do some site seeing. Somehow I've driven WA - CA a few times and never really taken it slow and stopped in Oregon. I'm thinking maybe spend a night in Portland, check out the Columbia Gorge, maybe Crater Lake, maybe Mt. St. Helens ? Dunno, we'll see how it goes I guess.

It's weird, I usually get around and take a lot of road trips and check things out, but when I was in Seattle I somehow didn't really get out of the city much. Never went to the Olympic Peninsula, never went to the San Juan Islands, never got close to Mt. Rainier, never went to North Cascades or Mt. St. Helens. There's a lot of cool stuff to do around there that I missed. I guess I was working a lot, and when I wasn't working I was obsessed with writing code for personal projects.

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