07-09-08 - 1

Hmm.. I'd like to have a way to interact with the computer purely through the keyboard 99% of the time. Mousing is just horrible for your body and it's feeling really bad for me recently. The big things I still mouse for are copy-paste and moving the cursor, and for interacting with web pages. It seems to me that a kind of incremental find should be able to find those things by typing in text matches. Like say I'm on the google results page and I want to pick one of the results, I press the macro-start key then start typing a match; as it's ambiguous multiple buttons are highlighted in one color, once it becomes a unique selection the color changes, I hit macro-end and it selects that guy, then I send the message for a left click. Etc. - I could do that for buttons in any window; seems pretty easy and good. You need to have two modes, one for just selecting buttons, where the macro program finds only active buttons, and one for selecting any text so that you can define copy-paste regions.

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