07-06-08 - 1

What's New Pussycat should be the new rickroll. This song is so fucking secretly great. At first it seems absolutely horrible, but if you listen to it like 20 times you just love it more and more. Or maybe I'm just falling under Tom Jones' seductive spell.

Everything about this video is amazing. For one, there's the way he's ridiculously coked out and spazzing all over the place. Then there's the audience reaction shots, especially the fat old lady around 1:46 that looks like she's about to faint. There's the line "big little" (did he just say "big little" ?). And of course the miming out the body parts like this is some kind of perverted hokey-pokey.

There's also something really weird about the song structure; it jumps abruptly to faster tempo in the chorus, or I guess it stays at the same tempo but picks up a hard accent on the half beat which makes it feel like double time. I don't know how to describe music shit.

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