07-02-08 - 3

I really need to swim. It's so good for me, it would really help my back and shoulders. But I fucking hate swimming in public pools so fucking much, it's just misery. It's so boring, the chlorine is unpleasant, some fucking lifeguard is staring at me, damn slow people are blocking my lane, and fast people are passing me, I run into the fucking lane line, some dick swims into me, I swim into someone by mistake, god damn its boring, I'm going back and forth over and over, I have no view, no music, no scenery, ugh.

On the other hand, swimming in nature is pure joy. Especially in a big lake where there are no boundaries, scenery, the smell of woods, no one else around, sun shine, no lanes, no pressure. You can just swim out as far as you can, then swim back. Go exploring, try to swim to the other side.

It would be pretty sweet to have my own pool, a huge pool big enough to swim laps. It would be retardedly expensive and wasteful but fuck it, that's what money is for. With good tree protection from the neighbors I could swim naked and lie around poolside drinking cocktails and reading in the sun.

Sometimes I think I could be happy as a kept boy.

There are no fucking swimming lakes around here, even though there are plenty of lakes, they're all forbidden (except stupid little swim lagoon areas). Fucking laws. I've been thinking about going up to Kent Lake near Fairfax. It's a fucking drinking water reserve or something so you're not supposed to swim in it, but I figure if I bike out to a hard to reach section I should be able to swim without disturbance. People should be fucking glad that they get to drink water that's touched my body. They should pay me for the privilege.

Swimming in a pool is like riding a stationary exercise bike. Bleck. That's inhuman.

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