07-01-08 - 7

I do not get the point of ultra-thin or ultra-light notebooks at all. It seems like just a retarded way to one-up your neighbor with no actual benefit. An 0.7" thick notebook is not any easier to carry than a 1" thick notebook, and yet its capabilities are severely crippled. In any case you need some giant briefcase or bag to carry the thing in, so small changes in size don't matter. Once you can fold it up and put it in your pocket, that will be a big difference. There is a certain weight that you need to get under, maybe 5 pounds, but below that doesn't really help. The way to be actually user friendly is low heat, low noise, and ergonomic keyboard.

Anyhoo, the HP Voodoo Envy 133 is a worthless brick, but it does bode well. Maybe their next model will be a less trendy slightly larger system that's actually usable (eg. a 15" screen, a 7200 RPM drive, you know, at least as good as my notebook from 5 years ago).

BTW the fact that they keep making notebooks where the keyboard is inset and only uses a small portion of the possible available space makes me so furious. First of all, making the keyboard bigger is not a technical difficulty - the keyboard circuit is literally 1 millimeter thick, it doesn't get in the room of anything else. The big flat spaces on the sides of the keyboard are not there by necessity, they're there due to pure retardation. The cramped keyboard is a big problem, it needs to be absolutely as big as possible. (BTW putting a fucking numpad on is even worse; now my hands are off to one side of the fucker!? WTF!) It seems like they always use the same 13" keyboard regardless of the size of the laptop.

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