06-28-08 - 1

"Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" was okay; P.S.H. is great as usual playing the creepy pasty repressed/depressed white guy on the edge. The big surprise for me was the bonus Marisa Tomei nudity. Wowza she's still gorgeous at 42. Take a semi-cliched heist gone wrong flick, tell in totally cliche nonlinear format, execute well, and add hot nudity - now that's a formula for success. BTW I got a lol out of Chikipedia

I kinda like the new Presets album Apocalypso. It's a bit like the harder/darker cousin of Cut Copy. Cut Copy is sort of like very early Depeche Mode, and Presets is like later Depeche Mode. Like Cut Copy wears the really loose t-shirt that falls off one shoulder, and Presets has black finger nail polish.

God damn I hate everything about iPods and iTunes. The hardware UI is so fucking awful; I hate the fucking spinny dial, I hate the pop sound it makes in my headphones when I turn it on, I hate how slow and evil iTunes is, I hate the fact that "The Presets" is filed under "P" but they don't change the name to "Presets, The". If it wasn't free I would be really angry. The fact that I can't fucking scroll around the song list smoothly is just absurd. When I change the sort order it doesn't keep me focused on my current item. WTF WTF this is basic UI shit.

I bought an iTrip car-FM-iPod thing. That was a waste of money. It works exactly like it should, it's just unusable. Trying to browse through the iPod while driving is asking for an accident (partly because of the shitty hardware design that doesn't have tactile buttons you can find without looking). The other problem is the background noise. The iTrip signal is plenty loud, but you need a clean FM channel and I can't find one, all the frequencies here are full of really loud static. Maybe out in the country it might work okay, especially with a copilot to work the song selection for me.

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