06-27-08 - 4

Basic things I'd like in a new laptop :

eSATA port. Should be SATA internally of course, just expose a hole to me. For some reason this is super rare. I think it's probably pretty easy to plug into the SATA internal and run it out of the case, but that's a bit lame.

Digital video out. Fuck VGA ports. Should be able to do 2560 x 1600 on the external line. Again this continues to be super rare, people keep putting VGA out on laptops. WTF.

Cool and quiet. No monstrous hot desktop bricks like the Sager shit.

Port replicator would be nice, so I can get a docking station at home and one at work and just go snap instead of changing 20 plugs every day. Really only awesome if the port replicator does your video and eSATA too which pretty much none of them do.

Must come with Windows XP out of the box, supported by manufacturer. I don't want to deal with changing OS's and finding my own laptop drivers, I did that on my current laptop and it was not fun.

I'd love it if it was super sturdy and had a secure closing latch and big rubber corners. I'd like to be able to drop it and not break it. Toughbook seems okay but they're super crippled in terms of performance/capabilities.

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