06-26-08 - 5

The Tour de France is coming up soon now and I'm excited to watch it. I don't even know who the favorites are this year, it's all fucked up by people & teams being kicked out for doping. The actual racing is pretty boring 99% of the time. There are occasional exciting moments like some of the finishing sprints on the flat stages, and once in a rare while there's a heroic battle up one of the climbs (like Contador - Rasmussen in the Pyrenees last year, or that classic when Lance got clipped by a spectator and crashed then sped back).

My favorite part is just all the helicopter flyovers of the French countryside. It's beautiful and it makes me imagine biking through it myself. It's inspiring to watch the pros kick huge gears up monstrous hills and it makes me want to get out there myself and ride harder.

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