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I made pork braised in milk tonight for the first time; it was pretty amazing, sweet, very porky, simple clean flavor. basic recipe , or at meathenge . I combined it sort of with a recipe for a Tagliatelle al Ragu and then changed lots of things.

Sear pork shoulder with a tiny bit of butter. Remove from pan. Add lots of butter + lots of onions and garlic. Cook until browning. Pour in 1-2 cups of hot milk. Return pork to pan. Boil to reduce until milk is almost gone. It will curdle, don't worry. Pour in 1 beer. Add 1 tsp cracked fennel seed + zest of 1 lemon. Liquid should come about half way up pork, if it doesn't then add stock. Put in 325 oven for 2 hours or so, or until liquid is almost completely gone. Serve on wide flat egg noodle with grated parm and a drizzle of OO.

BTW it's pretty retarded to change recipes you've never made before. I should always just make the recipe as spec'ed once to understand the baseline before I muck with it.

Conclusion : the porky onion garlic milky sauce and tender meat was top top. As a pasta topping it was lacking, maybe I would saute some extra stuff at the last minute to give me some variety and some more oily saucy something to toss the noodles in. Maybe like artichoke hearts, fennel bulb, onion, something like that.

I made some ghetto meat pies in frozen puff pastry the other day cuz I had extra puff and didn't want to make any more turnovers. It was okay but not worth repeating. I guess it would be a decent sort of party food cuz its easy and cheap and you can make ahead and all that but fuck party food, it's shite.

Frozen puff pastry turnover technique :

Thaw puff per package. Roll out quite a bit. The thickness in the package will make ridiculous thick puff wedges, roll to maybe 50% of original thickness. Cut into squares about 7" a side. Place fruit filling in the middle. Of course apples should be peeled and sliced, and lots of sugar needs to be added to apples, less to peaches. Add cinammon or apricot to apples. This is a good use for vanilla sugar BTW. Dot fruit filling generously with butter. Put as much filling as possible, lots and lots, because it will cook way down. Paint 2 adjacent edges with egg wash, about 1/2 to 1 inch wide. Fold non-egged side over to egg and press together. Crimp edge. I prefer a simple hand crimp by successive folding, but you can fork crimp if you like. Egg wash the top. Sprinkle top *very* generously with turbinado sugar. Almost cover it completely, the Puff doesn't have enough sugar in the dough. Cut very big holes in the top. If you cut small holes or poke with a fork, they will seal back up when the puff does its thing and puffs. Don't worry about making too many big holes, too much venting is better than too little, in fact it's sort of cute to just cut the hell out of the top so that it creates a sort of spring-like open ribbing. Bake at 400 about 35 minutes (start checking color at 30, you want them very brown all over, not brown in parts & pale in others). When done glaze with butter.

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