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At the beginning of Pig Earth there's a statistic that blew my mind, and I just checked it out at the world's most accurate Encyclopaedia . In 1320 the population of France was 20 million. In 1720 the Population of France was 20 million. In 400 years it didn't grow at all. That's mind boggling.

Just read another one that's similarly shocking. Population of Berlin in 1925 : 4M , population in 2007 : 3.5M

If you look at a graph of the population of any (current) major city in the US or the US as a whole, it's pretty much an undisturbed exponential, we just keep growing and growing. (by current major city I mean LA, NY, Seattle, Houston, something that's still a healthy city, not Detroit, Cleveland, etc. that have died).

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