06-23-08 - 2

People who curb their wheels the wrong way kind of amuse me. Of course inexperience with hills is no excuse, it takes about two seconds of thought to realize what curbing your wheels is for and how to do it. When I first parked here I had no idea what the term curb your wheels even meant, but I saw a sign saying "curb your wheels" and my god I figured out what that probably meant and which way to turn it.

Anyhoo, these days curbing to prevent roll-aways seems rather quaint. It is however, very useful still. When you parallel park on a steep hill with a manual transmission, it's very hard to avoid hitting the cars in front & behind you. Now say you parked okay, but when you get back to your car you need to start up from a dead stop on a very steep hill with a car about 2 inches behind you. That's tough. However, if your wheels are curbed tightly it's much easier because the curb keeps you from rolling back, and having your wheels rotated gets you going in the right direction. It means you can put the car in neutral and let off the brake and you don't roll back into the guy behind you, because your wheels on the curb stop you. Then you can gas it and clutch and get going without a big roll-back.

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