06-21-08 - 4

I really like the sounds my Prelude makes, the little tick tick of the turn signal, the soft ding ding if you leave the lights on. I love that it doesn't beep if you fail to put on your seat belt, doesn't beep if you leave the door open or whatever, doesn't honk the horn when you use the keyless entry. It's all subtle and pleasant and informative without being unpleasant. I can't believe how bad most cars are, I could never be in those cars, I would want to smash them every time they beeped or honked at me. I've ridden in many people's expensive cars and they make disgusting rackets with all sorts of loud and unnecessary beeps and dings and honks.

On a related note : the fucking power LED's on electronics just keep getting more tasteless and retarded. If I'm watching a DVD in a dark room I don't want a bunch of fucking 100 Watt super bright blue LEDs on all my power indicators. Fortunately this is pretty easy to fix. Just get the screwdriver, open up your electronics, disconnect the LED, throw it on the ground and stomp on it, then scream curses at the retarded fucking product designers that made you waste your time on this.

In fact, there are very few electronic devices which should even have a power light at all. If it's got a hard switch that you can tell is flipped one way or the other (which it should always have) then it doesn't need a power light. If it has any kind of LCD or other activity indicator, it doesn't need a power light. If it makes noise when on, it doesn't need a power light. The only things that should have power lights are things that don't have on/off switches or may be hard to tell if they're on or not, such as microphones and gamepads.

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