06-17-08 - 4

We're going camping again tomorrow. It's either going to be Clark Fork in the Stanislaus (on the 108 near Dardanelle, between Yosemite and Tahoe) , or the Lakes Basin / Sierra Buttes area off Gold Lake Hwy north of Truckee.

I want to go to one of the high country (8000+ feet) camps in Yosemite, but they aren't open yet. There's a lot of good stuff up Hwy 4 in the Bear Valley - Hermit Valley area, but it seems maybe a bit too early still.

The Highways that cut the Sierra Nevada are rich in wilderness - mainly the 4 and the 108, but also the 88 and 120.

I'm also pretty limited by my car's complete lack of offroad capability, though lord knows Dan & I took it places it never thought it could go. I've gotten it stuck a few times and don't care to do that again. The California Sierra seem to have a lot of the best trailheads only accessible by high-clearance vehicle. I don't care to park a few miles early and walk the road.

Lots of good info at climber.org ; I like how you can browse around there hitting the North,South,East,West buttons. sherpaguides is pretty amazing.

BTW hiking searches are one of the many ways Google is broken. It literally takes me hours to find the pages that have actual content. For example, if you do any search related to Yosemite, 90% of the results will be pages that just show crappy copies of the government's content. Also lots of hiking searches now return pages from fucking hikercentral which appears to be an autogenerated text aggregator that someone cooked up to make money from ads. The shame is that google search even returns crap like that at all.

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