06-17-08 - 1

Most of the best hiking and camping in CA is way the fuck up high in the mountains. That's not because the high sierra is the only place with good scenery - it's because it's the only place that nobody else wanted. All the usable or habitable beautiful places lower down were developed. All the wilderness areas that are preserved are not preserved because they're so great, but rather because they're so *not* great for normal uses. (obviously special places like Yosemite, Sequioa are not included).

CA is paradise; the weather, the sun, the lack of rain and humidity, the variety of scenery, there's nothing like it in the US. Unfortunately, everybody knows that, which means it's full of damn people. Actually even 15 years ago I would think to myself "why in the fucking world do people live in Minnesota when they could live in CA?". To some extent that's still true, but there has been a massive exxodus from the middle of the country to the west in the last 15 years. High prices here now keep people out to some extent.

To find ideal spots these days you have to be willing to suffer some minor inconvenience that most people aren't willing to suffer. You can still go to deserted tropical islands if you're willing to take a local flight, maybe catch a little boat, and wind up traveling all day to get there. You can go to amazing places if you're okay with places that aren't easy for tourists, where perhaps people don't speak english, you have to find your way around and figure things out.

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