06-14-08 - 1

I'm really digging "Fleet Foxes" and "Band of Horses" but wow they just completely rip off My Morning Jacket. That's okay with me cuz I love the classic MMJ sound.

[Kontrol] is an SF DJ group that does minimal tech stuff. Follow the link and browse around, they have a ton of big mix mp3's to download for free that are very good if you like the minimal techy sound.

The other SF group I really like is DirtyBird . Again on the link there are bunch of big free mix mp3s. DirtyBird is more standard house, but it's tasteful, good quality.

The Satellite SF guys have a good weekly and lots of free mixes to download : here

There are lots of other big name SF DJs, like Mark Farina, M3, Miguel Migs, David Harness, Dimtry Mykonos, all of whom I think are total crap. They play "funky house" and it's just gross, tastless, big beat junk.

Most of the Burning Man related groups, like Green Gorilla and Space Cowboys are pretty meh to me. I do generally like the Opulent Temple stuff (Opel Productions). There's a good free mix by Syd Gris (Opel) but I can't find it now with cursed Google. There's also a good mix by Myles Egner I like but I can't find the download link to give you.

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